Encompassing Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, Southeast Asia spans a geography rich in islands, peninsulas, coasts and mountains where diverse groups settled over millennia into the thriving cultures seen today.

Within each country exists intricate social tapestries woven from unique histories; ethnicities including descendants of migrants from China and India; as well as artistic, linguistic, religious and culinary traditions passed down generations. Echoes of Hindu and Buddhist empires which once dominated mingle with Islamic influences and European colonial traces plus modern trends. Distinguished by dazzling textiles, flavorsome cuisines, stunning dances and more, these diverse cultures trade wisdom in a spirit of vibrancy and celebration.

From elaborately carved religious complexes in Cambodia to Malaysia’s energetic street culture fusing Indian and Chinese flavors to exquisite batik fabrics of Indonesia, Southeast Asia invites visitors to delight in its cultural kaleidoscope. As ASEAN economic ties and infrastructure develop between neighbors, the warmth, resilience and creativity of these cultures ensures travel discoveries abound.

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